Saturday, August 20, 2016

Men double & mixed double #olympicRio2016

Congrats to the players.
They did a good job and managed to get silver medal!
Another badminton history is created.
I'm very sad looking at Tan wee Kiong face. His face showed that he was very frustrated. Don't give up Tan, you still young and  have another chance in OlympicJapan2020. Chayok!

Yeay, tomorrow night would be another most awaiting match for men single. Lets pray Dato Lee Chong Wei manage to get Gold medal for Malaysia and will be the first ever time in Olympic.

Eija a.k.a. badminton fan

Thursday, August 18, 2016

My MSc journey

I just want to share my journey, basically the process I encountered to obtain MSc degree by research. The process might be different with the student who enrolled coursework.

1. Research proposal defense (RPD)

This is the first stage I encountered. My university suggest the students to complete this stage within 3 months as it affected the monthly allowance. If you do later than 3 month, your application on the allowance might be processed late.So, usually we'll complete RPD in 3-4 months. For RPD, you need to do oral presentation together with a hardcopy of proposal of research. The main content is objective, problem statement, literature review,methodology,and your milestone. 

During my time, the presentation session involved 1 internal examiner and 1 chairman. During this time, the examiner will give comment regarding your research whether it's too much or you need to add more content. You also have to ensure you have thorough literature review and know your research. After you pass your RPD, then you can proceed with your research.If you didn't pass, you have to repeat RPD :(

Along with the RPD preparation, you may start finalized and purchasing your chemicals (because I'm dealing with chemicals to run my experiment) and materials that you need for your research.This is to save your time as well while waiting the chemicals/materials. Sometimes, we have to encounter a long procedure to purchase especially using grant money.

2.Symposium/progress seminar

In my university, the progress symposium is conducted every semester. So, we are realized how far we already achieved in our research. During my time, we have to prepare a report as well as oral presentation. 

3.Research works

You have to prepare your research works and attending lab (for me) and complete your experiment. Bare in your mind, sometimes, your experiment is not going well and you have to do a lot or trial and error. So, don't question if someone took a long time to finish their degree especially for those working for new things.It's your "rezeki" if you manage to graduate on time.


Firstly, you have to check your university requirement to graduate. For example, for MSc student in my university, I have to attend 1 conference that publish paper in journal prior to submission of softbound thesis. Alhamdulillah, I was given opportunity to attend 4 conferences.

5.Softbound thesis submission

After you complete your research and writing as well as the publication requirement, you can submit your thesis for evaluation.Previously, i submitted about 5 copies of thesis and make sure you check for the plagiarism for eg: using turnitin. The thesis later  will be delivered by the postgraduate centre to the internal and external examiner. Based on my experience, the nomination of examiners was done prior to thesis submission because the examiners need to approve by the senate. In order to save time, you can submit your nomination of examiners form prior to thesis submission, somehow, this is depend on your postgraduate centre procedure. Then, after all settle, you need to wait for your viva voce. It depends on examiners and postgraduate centre procedure. Previously, my viva voce was done roughly after 2 months of submission.Somehow, it may take long time up to 6 months. You have to contact / follow up the postgraduate centre to know the estimation time for your viva voce. While waiting, you can start prepare your slide presentation for viva voce.

6. Viva voce

The important time for you to defend your thesis. During this time, your examiners will ask your understanding about your research and you must know well every single word in your thesis :). My university requirement, you have to do oral presentation about your thesis content about 20 minutes then continue with Q& A session. Viva voce in my university allows spectator to see your presentation. After the presentation , the chairman will ask the spectator to leave the room. During the viva voce, there will be a chairman, one internal examiner and one external examiner. After a tough sesion of Q&A, then the chairman will announce your result whether you pass or fail. If you pass, there will be 3 kind of corrections:

1. Pass without correction
2. Pass with minor correction (3 months of correction)
3. Pass with major correction( 6 months of correction)

Alhamdulillah I passed but with major correction.

7. Hardbound thesis submission

After you pass your viva voce, enjoy first!..heheh...then continue doing your correction on your thesis.After complete correction you have to get verification from your internal examiner (in my case) and chairman prior to make hardbound. After they satisfied that you complete the correction,then you do the hardbound.Then, submit the  hardbound thesis to postgraduate centre as per their requirement and you are done with your MSc!

8.Senate letter

After the hardbound thesis submission, you can apply for senate letter for the confirmation of completion of your MSc. My university only conduct the convocation once per year , so I did apply senate letter. I submitted my hardbound on last February and my convocation will be in coming november.

9. Convocation

The most awaiting time after your hard work and tears. Do enjoy it. Prior to convo, please check and settle your debt with the university :)....hopefully to see my postgraduatemate in my convocation in november. 6th November 2016 to be precised:)In sha allah.

I wish all the postgraduate students, be strong and always pray and asked from ALLAH to smooth your journey. Different people with different journey.

It is your "rezeki" if you manage to graduate on time (GOT) and be grateful.

If you didn't manage to GOT, dont give up and finish what you already started and be grateful. (Fyi,  i took many years to complete my MSc)

If you didn't manage to complete your postgraduate study, move on and be grateful.Maybe Allah will give you other "rezeki". Be strong and ignore what people say about you. You know the best your condition and your journey. 

I hope my sharing would be helpful and i'm sorry for the grammar mistake, i'm still  learning  to improve my english :)

Thank you.

Finally,it comes to the end!


Everyday I'm watching updates on OlympicRio 2016 especially on the games that involved Malaysia's s athlete, inspired me to be a spectator (travelling wishlist) in OlympicTokyo2020. So, I  must start the planning by today!..For your information, the tentative of the games is ready at wikipedia. More details you can refer to wikipedia :P


So, lets pray and saving to Tokyo! May dream come true..In sha Allah. Nothing is impossible!...#RoadtoOlympicTokyo2020byEija

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Go for Gold #OlympicRio2016

Do your extraordinary performance Malaysian's Athlete.
Now, waiting for the final mixed double badminton.about 1hour more to go.
May we'll get Gold medal! First gold medal for the olympic! G.luck Chan Peng Soon & Goh Liu Ying! Tomorrow also an oppurtunity to get gold medal by men double, Goh V Shem & Tan Wee Kiong...and hopefuly, Lee Chong Wei can beat Lin Dan in semi final..May history will be created. amin

Eija a.k.a Badminton fan!