Monday, February 12, 2018

Legit app to earn money: CashPirate App #tipjimatEija

I found the first legit app to earn money:):):).. Yeay, another way to get money beside doing survey:)
I took about 2 months to make the first redemption.

Firtsly: Search & Install the app in your handphone

Mostly, i got points by install  other app (select at pirate picks) & watch the advertisement (watch through click AdColony). (I always uninstall the app I did install via pirate picks after i got the points :P)

Yeay, enough of 2500  point for redemption!:)

min point for paypal redemption : 2500
Click for redemption & put your email.

click redeem & put your email
 Payout history updated.
update in app. Did you notice my registration of the app? i started this app from 16/12/12017

The good about CashPirate app is the cash is ready in paypal within few minutes after redemption:):):):). You will get the email first before you agree to receive the amount of paypal.

money ready in paypal

put my referal code pleaseeee:)

Note: please use your FREE wifi ok !) + make sure your handphone space is not full :p

Hope this will help you.
Thank you.

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  1. wowww..ada lagik!!! kiranya dapat 2500 point dapat USD2.50 selama 2 bulan..oklah tu kumpul lelama byk jgk tu

    1. internet free kt rumah, boleh la dok try n error app ...kalau dpt rezeki..hehhe